How to remove a Stump?

So you have a tree that has fallen or been cut down in your yard, and now you are left with a great big, ugly stump that is consuming your valuable properties space. It has to go!

Thankfully you have a number of options for removing the stump

Method 1: Digging the stump out

  1. Dig next to the stump with a shovel removing the surrounding dirt and exposing the roots underneath - If it was a large tree and the resulting roots were deep, it may be difficult to uncover them, consider using one of the other methods below
  2. Cut the roots into manageable pieces with a saw and toss them into a pile. Try to clear as much of the root system as possible
  3. Wrench the remaining embedded roots out of the ground, you may need to make more cuts
  4. After all of the roots have been processed you should be able to remove the stump - you may need to cut a few more roots underneath
  5. Finally fill in the hole to avoid getting a large dint in your yard

Method 2: Burning the Stump

  1. First step is to confirm that it is legal to burn the stump. Especially in the Australian Summer there are generally fire restrictions in force. Before you begin, contact your local CFA to confirm it is OK burn your stump
  2. Use some of the chopped up tree as fuel to burn a fire on top of the stump. Lay the wood around the stump so it will be in the middle of the fire
  3. It could take several hours to burn the stump. You will need to add more wood to keep the fire hot and going. Keep doing this for as long as it takes to burn the stump to the ground
  4. After the sump has been burned shovel the ash from the hole
  5. Fill the hole to avoid getting a large dint in your yard

Method 3: Chemical Sump Removers

  1. Use a drill to drill holes in the stump, space them evenly as the stump will absorb the chemicals through these
  2. Most stump removers are composed of powdered potassium nitrate which will react with the wood and soften(rot) it more quickly
  3. Always follow the directions of the chemical stump remover
  4. Keep kids and pets away from the stump - if ingested it can cause harm to them
  5. It should take a few weeks to soften, then you can chop it up with an axe
  6. Build a fire over the remaining stump and burn the rest
  7. As always, fill the hole to avoid getting a large dint in your yard

☆ Method 4: Hire Nick from Stump Grinding Victoria

  1. Give Nick a call on 0413-808-815
  2. Nick will arrange a time to visit your property for a no obligation free quote and assessment of your stumps
  3. He will then bring in his stump grinder and remove the stump for you
  4. Nick will then fill in the hole and make the area look beautiful
  5. You wont have to worry about any digging, managing a fire over night (especially in the Australian Summer), or your children or pets getting access to any hazardous chemicals, and he will have the job done in minutes - not weeks

Call Nick today on 0413 808 815

Call Nick: 0413-808-815

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