Introducing the Bandit 2550t Remote Control Hydrostatic Stump Grinder


The Bandit 2550t is a high production stump grinder with the go anywhere mobility of a tank. It is equipped with a 49HP diesel engine meaning it has the power to destroy any stump that is lurking on your property – it is a dependable machine, a reliable workhorse. The heavy duty rubber tracks provide great flotation and traction and is extremely turf friendly for delicate lawns and surfaces.


Our model 2550 Track supports a very capable hydrostatic motor to provide power directly to the cutter wheel, eliminating the need for a clutch, jackshaft, drive belt, belt tensioning system, and the many shaves and bearings associated with those components. This creates a more productive machine out in the filed making our job to grind your stumps more reliable.


The undercarriage on our 2550t is designed and built by one of the best engineering teams in the world. It is thoroughly tested and has shown to be one of the more powerful, capable drive systems, that utilize the turf friendly rubber tracks while maintaining low ground pressure for sensitive areas. The 2550t is easy to maneuver and is narrow enough to fit though tight spaces and backyard gates.


The 2550T features a class-leading cutter swing for grinding, and can grind to a depth of 38cm.

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